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Aland Lyrics

Oakville 21st Century

You were my Catherine Tekakwitha
object of desire
I was the imperial lover
At the foot of the statue
In the miserable flesh

You were what everyone wanted
the belle and the object petit a

These things affect nothing 
affix nothing to the sterile historical
and some how hold weight

My Oakville army barracks
I would take the weekend Go-train
I might get off at Monty’s Tavern
Or take a bottle down
To the house on Salem

You have your head on my shoulder
on the train heading home
A night after cheap Canadian wine
and I want to help you
By not moving too much
by not breathing too deep

What turns in a million parsecs
5th construction; fire pyramid
All the earth revealed as shape

My arms enclose you as armillary sphere
And somehow a model of a
forged cosmos
Wherein our love is a chamber
Light distance with an iron core

Did I smirk or was that terror
when the first plane had struck?

You were gone now
and I was alone
taking the go train home
But you are here with me
Six stops from Union before

We’re home

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