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Coffee Shop Mock-up with Logo


The Sterling Road strip in the west end is a fast-rising area with the completed Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca), retail and shops popping up with regularity. Sterling Coffee is set to be a comfy java joint at home in the fast-changing  neighbourhood.

Final Logo Design/ Brand Guidelines

The Pantone® Black Spot-Color Pantone® Black C (coated) is preferred print colour, and the  PANTONE 11-0601 TCX. Bright White, is the preferred white for print.


Web use with png, jpeg and pdf versions can use adobe:


C - 75
M - 67
Y - 68
K - 90



R _ 255
G _ 255
B _ 255


The Sterling Road Coffee logo is a black and white logo with the options of the black encircled sterling coffee pot, or a white-on-black version to be utilized for visualization optimization, against lighter backgrounds or where the image best suits its environment.

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