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logo design


Logo design for JOB Music and Media, a Toronto-based music production company. The white on dark burgundy is the main logo design for the company and incorporates musical elements of treble clef's toe, an inverted whole note and curvilinear stylings of the forte symbol within the stepped lines of a bar of sheet music. Additional logo design for various advertising placement provides the company options for use with additional colours and images.

The concept from the outset was to utilize the shapes and symbols in Western musical notation to create the letter shapes that would encompass the final logo design.

This is a quartal chord from composer Arnold Schoenberg. In his 1911 Theory of Harmony, he writes that the quartal chord,"...makes possible accommodation of all phenomena of harmony."

These elements of musical symbols were utilized and designed for use within the logo. Elements of the dynamic forte, whole note and treble clef were used in the typeface design.

The individual letters were placed on the lines of the musical staff, and stepped up to mimic a barre of music with separate notes.

In this version, the letters are elongated and the 'B' is designed from whole note stems turned on an axis, and read sideways.

As the designs evolved, the staff was kept, and ways of incorporating the musical elements as well as the legible tag "music media" was incorparated.

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