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Aland Lyrics

Death of the Animal

They meet out on the Scotch Line
stunned headlight eyes
straddle a broken passing line
then regain the blind night

Our cautious gait through the forest
Cervine shape imprinting the thicket

We tried to communicate
to the dying animal
burnt-out offering
Count its breathe in the white air

This red is not blood
this colour lasts
as a flower loosened
from inside your skin

A stalk of the Cardinal Flower builds
five wounds, five scarlet stamens

The Anguish of Abraham
does not extend to you
doesn’t ask who he is for you
weighs the throat and the knife for truth

Therefore lay down
slow your rampant pulse
Dream your quicksilver return
beneath Jack Pine rooftops

Dream you take the night in few strides
molasses branches stall the blue night

Perennial return of the red bell flower
foreign colour along the Scotch Line
losing itself in winter
to be regained
to be regained

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