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Aland Lyrics

Our Need For Sleep

What sells the Sovereign
when the ideal, it wanes
And the conscious state
falls prey to slumber?

A burning parliament
Will let me sleep thru
Sound and fury

Old world promised land
The fragment sanctions its command
Writs for land
Lettered and numbered

Polity a vast soundscape,
petition for the just
can be the quiet in the hour
Not the wailing in my mind
that builds in the anxious night
All the words that root and tower

Our need for sleep
invents a monstrous reason
Where the demos
litigates for gain
and the Event can occur
again in real time
Intuition constructing time
bled and drained of sense
In the multiple you find language mean
All I own in the day’s machine
is a body without rest

I will sing the Nation State
Civil, without class or station,
But I will not sing it to sleep
I’m not willing to lament the nation

Our need for sleep
Is division desiring night from day
Oh Dominion,
Trade your green gables
For short-term economic gain

Capital with its jaw locked on
And the free world conforms
to rockin’ on
But the new enlightenment
is rendered in plain sight

Our need to wake
Before we’re living in
Someone else’s dream

The Address to the Electors of
Sleeps in the Monarch, the Senate
and the greater House

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