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Aland Lyrics

Green Black

“O that you would kiss me with the kisses of your mouth
Rightly do they love you
Our couch is green

“Do not gaze at me
I am dark
the sun has scorched me
Black me
Black me”

The mashing dark ocean
ascent of myth
green prescient current in stone
Shelves calcite, ammonite
lost bellies procure quarries of
minable energy
Is equine gallop in slow bud
is nestled carbon quenching sand
graves we divine
the incubating seed
Sew many seeds

Iran: Aryan marauders gave you your name,
the crude, and the learned
Shah scarecrow
your stolen torch: use it now for scorching

Kermit: boy America
play big boy C.I.A.
Roosevelt is a name for action
Your name:
“Your name is oil poured out”
Mossadegh! Mossadegh!


Head of sun,
machine of seeds
Fires green

black petals, stems
and roots
black roots

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